Happy CustomerS

“I avoid raisins at all costs, but since Penola I have fallen in love. I am also a huge fan of a cocoa nib! Thank you, Penny, for a versatile product that can be used for breakfast, as a healthy snack, or even a topping for yoghurts or to add extra crunch to a crumble!”

“It’s just the right balance – not too sweet, not too crunchy… just right to make you want to eat it by the fist full. It’s a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, or morning snack. I love that it is gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian – so you feel especially virtuous when having a munch.”

“I didn’t really fancy eating granola until I was introduced to it by Penny. I have become a convert and love mixing mine with Greek yogurt and a bit of honey. My daughter enjoys it too, which I am grateful for as she can be picky with her food.”

“I don’t normally like healthy stuff but this is actually VERY good!”

“I am such a fan of the nuts and seed combination in Penola.”


“I have been taking Penola to the cinema with me as an alternative to popcorn. Yum!”